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Our Highlights

Having worked with multiple EHR platforms and understanding your EHR and the practice management system is never a concern with us. Our experts and customized solutions can help practices to find a better platform if required.

We are very particular in defining the processes and operations from the transition phase to the implementation and assign dedicated workforce who are adept in pioneering and streamlining the process.

We proactively analyze the denials and take necessary measures to ensure that the denial rate is constantly reducing and thereby maximizing the revenue flow for a practice. Our proven analytics fetches information on data patterns and improvement strategies for a practice.

Communication and transparency from the start of the project is our strength which makes us standalone from our peers.

Psychiatry is a complex specialty and managers face much more exigent circumstances when compared to other specialties. Due to the complex nature of the patient population that the psychiatric practices are handling, practices often are left with staffs lacking proper exposure to handle their billing requirements.

Rely on Us Healthcare Services is bagged with more than 10 years of experience in handling psychiatry and behavioural health revenue cycle management. Many of the patients receiving help for behavioural health and substance abuse are seen in primary care facilities, psychiatrists would have to collaborate with the primary care physicians for a more comprehensive care to the patients. This makes the revenue cycle management even more cumbersome, as the physicians would have to expend more time in coordinating the patient care.

This is one of the important factors necessitating more streamlined billing operations so that the providers can focus more on the patient care rather than on the billing. We support you from the credentialing to the accounts receivable processes to enhance your patient engagement, maximizing the revenue and reducing your administrative expenses.

Our Insights on Psychiatry

Billing for Psychotherapy and Evaluation and management services: Patients seeking behavioural health support are often seen in multiple facilities and with

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multiple problems. We may need to take adequate care while billing for the evaluation and management services along with psychotherapy. We have individual Psychotherapy codes (90832, 90834, 90837) and we also do have add on codes for psychotherapy (90833, 90836 & 90838) when performed along with evaluation and management services. Psychotherapy codes (90832, 90834, and 90837) are normally not billed with evaluation and management codes, billing so will result in denial and payment delays.

Time spent on the therapy: Documentation of time spent on the therapy is very essential component for the claims to get paid. Knowledge of payer frequency limits for the psychotherapy services and usage of proper codes for the time spent is crucial to get the claims paid in Psychiatry services.

Prior authorization of services: When it comes to behavioural health claims, obtaining a prior authorization is vital for any service that is rendered. Strict policy guidelines apply with regards to the frequency of the services that can be utilized and billed. Failing to comply with the guidelines will leave the provider to lose money on the table. Tracking the date/time, reviewer, level of care discussed in a standardized format, can greatly reduce the hassles arising out of pre authorization denials.

ICD 10 CM Coding Accuracy: The capture of correct ICD 10 CM diagnoses codes is very essential for every psychiatric and mental health practices. All coders would have to be aware of the current ICD 10 CM codes to avoid coding errors. Since the patient population is very sensitive for psychiatry, capturing the correct ICD 10 CM code sets are imperative. Billing efficiency goes for a toss with inexperienced and unqualified staff.

Rely On Us Healthcare services have experienced coders and billers on board who can capture the exact procedure and diagnoses codes. Our services are highly scalable and proficient. Apart from the normal routine, we also provide numerous value added services and solutions to increase your practice efficiency.