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Free consultations

Free Consulations

We get to hear from many providers of practices saying that they work really hard to sustain in the business. It is very crucial that the billing organizations, who work for the practices, understand the importance of the business dynamics and proactively support them for the inflow of the targeted revenue every month.

One of the value added services which can help the practices streamline the revenue cycle operations is our free consultations. Rely On Us Healthcare Services can do a comprehensive analysis and evaluation on the last 6 months of the work performed by the practices. Our data mining team can swiftly analyze the data trends and compare them with the best practices across the industry. This helps us provide a SWOT analysis report for your practice.

O ur Feasibility study report consists of important information which describes the practice functional and technical recommendations formulated by the development team for its actual implementation and evaluate the project feasibility in terms of planning and technical solutions.

We shall look for trends in:

  Rate of insurance verification and authorization for preregistered patients

  Rate of errors in billing and demographic information gathered during the patient registration

  Sample Coding documentation audits to spot the areas of improvement

  Rate of deposit collection prior to provision of outpatient services

  Percentage of self-pay patients

  Rate of Rejections and denials and the overall AR days

Results of our free consultations:

  A shorter accounts receivable billing cycle. We can get you much closer to four days of the billing
    cycle which would ensure prompt payments.

  After implementation of our suggestions, we can ensure lower overpayments.

  Reduced Write offs across all the specialties. We can help you cut down the write offs due to
    missing documentation and poor follow up on edits and denials.

  Patient collections can also be increased by implementing compliant workflow solutions.

Rely On Us Healthcare Services expert team can personally station in your practice to implement the changes to the processes. We believe in a well defined and efficient process that minimize costs, maximize the productivity, promote communication and regulatory compliance.

End users of the revenue cycle in any practice have a tunnelled vision. Everyone is aware only about their own piece of puzzle. Our free consultations can help you map the processes and understand what they do impact, and what others do upscale or downscale in the cycle.

Our Highlights

Process Mapping: One of our key strength is process mapping. With process mapping, an organization not only creates a map that shows you where you are, but also develops a “should” map that tells where you want to be.

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Our unique strategies in process mapping allow you to:

  Identify productivity opportunities,

  Best practices,

  Root cause of problems,

  Create workflow consistency,

  Determine the ownership and accountability clearly for all the action items within the processes.

Processes are the vehicles for achieving organizational goals, maintaining a competitive edge, and meeting patient needs. Unfortunately, processes especially those that are cross-functional—are usually not documented, managed, or systematically improved.

Critical Business Opportunities: There are many areas in each specialty of medicine; the practices may be unaware of where potential opportunities may be found. We help you identify the key processes with the greatest influence on the critical business opportunity. With our feasibility study reports and our consultation, we can support your business with best practices that identify the high dollar revenue points, the functions which may be generic and amenable to change.

Disconnects and Opportunities: Rely On Us Healthcare services expert team can easily figure out the process disconnects and opportunities which can hamper the revenue cycle management. Our Experts can brainstorm for the process opportunities, constraints gaps and disconnects that impede the revenue cycle operations and provide you with customized solutions to overcome the constraints. These may include limitations to the technology, too many feedback loops, redundant steps and bottle necks.