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Chiropractic Services

Rely On Us offer comprehensive revenue cycle management services that can minimize your denials and drive up the efficiency in chiropractic. Rely On Us Healthcare Services come up with diversified specialty services serving more than 20 states. Unlike other specialties, Chiropractic billing is complex and it is imperative for any practice to keep in pace with the state regulations.

The success of billing for Chiropractic services depends on more than just a proper code. Chiropractic billing is always a challenge and there is a high chance of getting underpaid. Authorization plays a vital role in getting these claims paid. The ride becomes even more complex when you need the personnel in charge of authorizations to the biller to understand the chiropractic documentation and reimbursement requirements. Our Chiropractic billing experts can greatly free your staff time and hassles from payment delays.

The insurances have introduced more bundling concepts over the past years and it is very essential for the coder or the biller to know the proper billing procedures in order to increase the payment rates.

Our Insights on Chiropractic Billing:

Especially when billing for Medicare patients, every chiropractic claim billed with CPT®98940, 98941 and 98942 must be billed with “Active Treatment” (AT) modifier when active or corrective treatment is provided. However, AT modifier cannot be used for maintenance therapy. Proper knowledge of modifiers and medical necessity is crucial for getting the chiropractic claims paid. Our Certified coding and billing professionals can mitigate the denials related to medical necessity.

Diagnostic or therapeutic services furnished by a chiropractor or under his or her order are not covered by Medicare. If a Chiropractor orders, takes or interprets an x-ray or any other diagnostic test, the x-ray or other diagnostic test is not payable under Medicare but we can submit for claims processing purposes. We have proper checks and balances to ensure the services are billed appropriately.

All claims of chiropractic services must be listed with date of initiation of the treatment, symptom or the condition or subluxation or primary diagnosis codes, date of service, place of service, procedure codes, and failure to report these items will result in claim denial or delay. Our Billers always ensure all information is captured before the submission of the claims.

With ever growing number of HMOs and commercial insurances, understanding the individual insurance policies and procedures for billing chiropractic claims make it even more cumbersome. As a general rule for all insurances, evaluation and management services cannot be billed with any manipulative treatments. Routine use of evaluation and management services without sufficient documentation is not an appropriate billing service.

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If you are accepting patients from Worker’s compensation or no fault insurance it is very important that the biller has to do everything to ensure that the claim will be reimbursed. Sometimes, the patient’s come in with an injury which happened 10 years ago and they haven’t received any treatment in the 3 years. Suddenly, there may be onset of symptoms due to the old injury, but the insurance must have closed their files since they have not received any claims in the recent past. Our billing experts take utmost care for the Worker’s compensation and no fault insurances by giving a quick phone call and finding out with the insurance for any paper work if necessary in order to get reimbursed. This may save you from losing hundreds of dollars that you suddenly find out that will not be paid.

Our professionals help you from the eligibility and verification to the AR process and patient collections. Our knowledge of Chiropractic billing across the country help you identify the accurate fee determinations which can in turn lead to a steady and consistent increase in the profitability of your practice.

Our Highlights

It all starts with credentialing. We ensure that every practice we handle has a list of insurances that the provider is credentialed with and we also help them in getting the provider credentialed with insurances that are potential to the practice. The knowledge of credentialing is a key determining factor in getting the claims paid.

We are very particular in defining the processes and operations from the transition phase to the implementation and assign dedicated workforce who are adept in pioneering and streamlining the process.

We proactively analyze the denials and take necessary measures to ensure that the denial rate is constantly reducing and thereby maximizing the revenue flow for a practice. Our proven analytics fetches information on data patterns and improvement strategies for a practice.

Communication and transparency from the start of the project is our strength which makes us standalone from our peers.

We have proven strategies and processes in place which can help you reduce your hassles and eliminate confusion.