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AR Clean Up


Why choose Rely on us:

  Knowledgeable and talented staff who will ensure that the backlog is cleaned up
    and collected.

  We work as an extension of the practice and remotely connect to the Health Information
    system. All interactions with insurance carriers and actions are noted in the PM to
    provide more transparency.

  Extensive knowledge of various insurance and state guidelines helps us to enhance
    your collections.

  As we work on the AR clean up, you can focus on the regular high priority claims ensuring
    that accounts do not accumulate. Our work will help you attain a high level of efficiency
    which will enable the practice to be successful.

Accounts receivables should always be prioritized and worked upon in a timely manner. Even if the outstanding AR backlog is made of small balances, these low priority claims soon add up to create bigger issues. Due to reasons of employee turnover, changes in work process and changing computer systems, accounts fall to the wayside and this slowly increases the AR backlog. With a lot of daily operations to manage, it’s a challenge to focus on these unpaid balances.

At RelyOnUs, we take up the responsibility to clean up your backlog AR and collect the outstanding balances.

Our Highlights:

  We review and follow up on all the outstanding unpaid balances. Providing a
    comprehensive analysis of the AR and determine the number of accounts that are

  The analysis and follow up is done without interfering with the regular work-flow, making
    it possible to collect additional revenue which was till now unrecoverable.

  Review is also done on coding compliance issues and delinquent accounts and we will
    offer clear action plans to resolve concerns.

  Based on the review we define the trends that cause outstanding AR in order to improve
    internal collection abilities.

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Rely On Us Healthcare Services can provide full service billing and pre-collection services. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will work on your behalf, cleaning up backlog accounts receivables while maintaining your valuable patient relationships. Contact us today for more information.

Specific key indicators to watch in practice style executive dashboards:

  Days in A/R by site, by payer

  Visit counts

  Payer mix

  Revenue per case

  Revenue per payer per case

  Revenue per procedure type

  Charge lag times

  Denial rates and types

  Bad debt trending

  Expected remaining payments

  Quality identifiers such as PQRS achievements

  Cancelled cases