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Accounts Receivables

As the payer requirements intensify, resulting in more denials and elevating the A/R volumes, it is imperative to find solutions for this increasingly challenging reimbursement environment. To meet the challenges, a hybrid approach of technology and expertise is required. With the growing population of self pay patients, in addition to managing the insurance receivables, practices had to focus on collecting the co-payment and also payment dues. Rely On Us comes with unique solutions for effectively managing Accounts Receivables of your practice.

We believe the efficiency of the AR relies on coordinated revenue cycle model. We have a dynamic decentralized process which provides end to end services as per our customer requirements and enables us the division of labor and specialization of skills to a degree that may not be possible at a clinic or a practice front.

At Rely On Us, we believe that

  • Transparency towards the reports and receivables
  • Standards implemented to make an attempt to retrieve the revenue from the insurance company
  • The Control measures to prevent the backlogs are very essential piece of communication to our customers

Many practices face a tug of war for maximizing the revenue without crossing the boundaries of compliance. Rely On Us deploys compliant solutions to mitigate the risks and maximize the revenue opportunities. This is achieved only through inter departmental communication and a coordinated team effort. Our AR experts are experienced in handling AR more than 25 states in US and resolved billions of AR collectibles. Our skilled professionals are trained to handle all the exceptional scenarios in AR.

Rely On Us can help you whether you need a short term or a cleanup process or a long term association.

Our focus areas for AR helps to minimize the effects of shrinking payments and value based reimbursements:

  • We analyze your data with our reports and identify the root causes
  • Strategize and prioritize the AR days with payer mix, high deductible plans or self pay balances.
  • Effective claim denial management by maximizing the claim payments and reducing the denials and underpayments.